Chinese medicine

Astragalus Root: How it is right for you?

Astragalus root is an herb which is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a restorative tonic for centuries ago. This enhances your stamina and keeps you ongoing longer in daily life. This sweet and warm herb effects on many organs which can be used alone or with other herbs to improve stamina, prevents from aging and stimulate immune system also in the conditions of common cold, flu, blood disorders, cancer and even in HIV/AIDS. This also normalizes in body’s strength with ability and balance.

How does it work?

There is a special chemical resides in Astragalus which slows down the aging process where it happens. This also improves the number of cells where the blueprint resides. According to the recent researches, the special chemical found in astragalus can ‘turn on’ an enzyme named as telomerase (hTERT). This helps to maintain and lengthen telomeres which act to add the lifespan of our DNA. As the time passes and we become aged, the telomeres get shorten due to wear and tear due to which cells get lowered. In this way telomerase acts as a protector of DNA from fraying and damaging.

Is astragalus safe for you?

Because of its long back history of traditional and medical use, this is known to be safe. However, this may cause bleeding so care must be taken with precautions for those who are passing from bleeding problems and those who are taking medicines which may cause bleeding. In addition, avoid using it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How much you can take?

Take 200 mg twice a day. Take it with or without food once in the morning and once in the evening.